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Tank Cleaning

     In 2014 Petrochem Energy decided to launch a new project - cleaning of shore tanks, vessel tanks, railway tanks, holds of dry cargo ships and other storage places. Having acquired extensive experience working with petrochemical products we offer our customers services related to the processing of both hazardous and non-hazardous goods. With our staff of highly skilled professionals in their respective fields, oriented to solve tasks of different complexity, we offer our customers high level service, consistent with the trends of our time. We also provide worldwide riding crews for vessel cleaning. Cleaning of tanks from oil products is necessary to improve the safety and reliability of the tank operation as well as to ensure proper storage. Tank cleaning is carried out by experienced specialists in accordance with a particular scheme. PCE Company offers services in the field of tank cleaning from oil products and various types of contaminants. To ensure safe transportation of cargo, regular cleaning of fuel tanks, holds and tanks of various vessels from contamination is very important. Modern efficient high-pressure water equipment is applied for cleaning. As the result, it removes from the walls even stubborn soiling, including remnants of petroleum products and oils, and cargo residues. Our company specializes in the cleaning of ballast compartments. Due to the long presence of water in ballast compartments, rust is formed there. It must be cleaned off by conducting regular cleaning of these compartments. 

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