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Meter Proving Validation

Petrochem Energy has recently acquired a company that specializes in Meter Proving Validation and Auditing.  Working directly for those effected at the Custody Transfer Points, Petrochem Energy and its highly trained field technicians work on behalf of those parties who own and transfer product to ensure that the Meter Proving process, and all relevant data is accurate and free of any bias.  We will provide in-depth reports and data that will assist in determining if the custody transfer meters are under or over billing, or if the meters are drifting.  In today’s energy efficient, and environmentally conscious atmosphere, facility and plant metering must not only be calibrated, but it must also be verified and validated for accuracy to meet audit and regulatory demands. With over 50 years of measurement and loss control experience, our management and expertly trained staff are readily available to assist our clients at a moment’s notice.

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